Meet J.J. Carlson!

J.J. is our incredibly talented and knowledgeable Director of Web Development. Over the last six years, he’s grown his skill set and continued to learn more about this ever-changing industry. We hope you enjoy learning more about him!

COMO Companies Culture

COMO Companies culture

COMO Companies is a small business full of people with big hearts and big ambitions. Our company culture allows us to create the best product for our clients, while creating the most productive work environment.

Meet Erica Pefferman!

Erica Pefferman, CEO and Owner of COMO Marketing

As the CEO and Owner of COMO Marketing, Erica has been here since day one. We hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about our favorite boss lady!

Build a Habit of Saying Yes

Man pointing at bubble that says the word yes

Saying that three-letter word can be scary. But it doesn’t have to be. Learn how you can say “yes” with confidence.

Food Swap: Coworker Edition

One of Cassidy Shearrer’s favorite things to do is spend an evening cooking in her kitchen. Sharing ideas and even meals with friends felt like a natural next step.

Erica’s Recommended Reading List

Erica Pefferman has learned so much of what she knows from a couple of great mentors and the things written in the books in her recommended reading list. Read about what inspired her to create successful team direction.