Capture Leads And Encourage Customer Loyalty

What Email Marketing Will Do For Your Business

Curious about email marketing?

The most valuable asset a company has in our age of marketing is their database. Companies can use this database to do many things: build campaigns on social media platforms to match their prospects and customers, maintain momentum and loyalty with existing customers and…the golden ticket…convert leads to revenue generating customers.

COMO Marketing’s first question to new clients after “Hi! What’s your name?” is often…”What does your database look like?” The reason we ask is that email marketing is the most cost effective way to effectively communicate directly, with laser focus and audience segmentation to your prospects and clients.

On average, people check their email as much as 20 times per day. Mobile apps make it even easier to have email on hand at all times. Today, 85% of retailers consider email marketing one of the most effective customer acquisition tactics. Why? Because emails are an instantaneous, cost-effective form of communication that delivers targeted, personalized content.

Sometimes, our new clients come to us with no database or an old, uncultivated one. Don’t fret — we can help you build your current database or even start from scratch if necessary. We are experienced in multiple ways to create relevant, meaningful content for your target audience that makes them want to hear from you more often and offers many ways for them to convert into revenue generating customers.

If you’re not directly communicating with your audience, then they’re not thinking about you. If you’re not sharing what you’re up to, they won’t ask. Don’t leave them to guess about the innovative projects you’re working on, or the special once-in-a-lifetime deal you’re offering — tell them!

Email Marketing As Part Of A Comprehensive Automated Marketing Campaign

Need to Execute an Automated Marketing Plan? That’s Where We Come In.

But, wait! There’s more! While coming up with content for your mailing list may be easy, crafting the customer journey to hook your audience can be tricky. COMO Marketing is a certified partner of SharpSpring…an automated marketing platform. What does this mean to you? Glad you asked.

With the right database and the right content, we will create opportunities for your clients to essentially “choose their own path” with your company. With every email, there will be customized opportunities for them to engage with landing forms, ask questions, even purchase directly or book appointments. Every action your client takes is connected to their profile in your dashboard. Every time we connect a client to this service, they discover quiet prospects consuming their content and ready for action that no one was aware of.

Think of it this way, automated marketing is the rocket fuel your email communications needs to take your company to the next realm.

Keeley Duncan, Director of Account Management