Photography and Videography at COMO Marketing

A picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth a thousand pictures. Let us do both for you.

The volume of advertisements the average consumer sees on a daily basis is at an all-time high. As a result, striking visual content has become the key to grabbing attention and differentiating your message from the rest.

Photography is emotional, captivating, and compelling. Not only does it quickly deliver impact, but it also helps your customers visualize themselves within your brand. Photographs are easier to understand than a body of text. You can create all the quality content you like, but without a good image, or images, to catch attention, engagement will be noticeably lower.

Aside from catching attention, photography is a necessary component of any great marketing plan as it lends itself to credibility. High quality pictures are professional; they creates the impression that whatever your brand is offering is excellent.

In digital advertising, videography has become the hero of the marketing plan. Like photography, it is your brand’s bridge to the consumer. Videos have the ability to forge a personal connection with a consumer, offering the same benefits as photos, with the potential to be even more impactful.

At COMO Marketing, we pride ourselves on our ability to tell stories. We work with some of the best photographers and videographers in Columbia to facilitate the production of unmatched marketing materials. A creative spirit, industry experience, attention to detail, and the latest equipment sets their work apart.

No matter how small the shoot, our team works to ensure a great final product through pre-planning. From scheduling, to shot lists, storyboards, and lighting, to styling the shoot itself, we cover every detail.

Our rates also cover any additional post-production needs you may have, such as editing or file conversion.

What are your Photography and Videography Needs?

You need it, we’ve shot it. Our professional photographers are experienced in every type of photography, lighting, and environment. We will work with you to determine the best location for your needs, whether it’s on-site or in our studio.

We know the budget is tight for nonprofits, but they still need to put a face to their campaign. We will work with you to create a campaign that fits both your needs and your budget.

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