Volunteering Is Important To COMO Marketing

3 small wooden blocks stacked on top of eachother. Each block shows a word in black ink. The words are "You Can Help"

Oftentimes, we find ourselves bored on the weekends trying to find something to do. We waddle around the house doing a little clean up here and some tidying there. What if we could use that time in a more meaningful way?

The employees at COMO Marketing spend a lot of their free time volunteering at local nonprofits and charities around Columbia. We believe that volunteering is not only impactful for those who are receiving the help, but for those who are giving the help as well and is core to our culture. 

The Organization

Volunteering provides a huge helping hand to those who run the organization. Most places would not be able to survive without the dedication and support from the communities they serve. Not only does it allow the organization to serve more people, but it allows them to serve those people in more efficient and effective ways. 

Imagine this: a nonprofit is trying to provide meals for 5 local senior centers, but they only have 3 people working that day. Now, imagine that same scenario, with those same 3 workers, but now they are working alongside 20 volunteers. This allows for more time spent socializing with the seniors, really being more involved with the work, rather than just dropping off the food in a hurry and leaving. Providing a service and doing it well takes an army. Volunteers are crucial in allowing these organizations to make the biggest impact possible.

The Volunteers

When people hear they need to volunteer for something, occasionally an eye-roll is included, followed by “I wanted to relax this weekend” or “Now I have to miss X, Y, and Z!” But do you know what they say after they’ve volunteered? It usually sounds something like “Those dogs were so cute. I loved taking them for a walk” or “I hope that man is here next time I come back. I really enjoyed talking with him.” The experience will almost always outweigh whatever plans were missed during that time. 

Giving back to the community gives a person a sense of purpose and worth. Seeing the smile of a little kid on the playground, or a shelter dog wagging his tail during a walk, or the excitement on the face of a child with a disability doing arts and crafts. All those small moments really begin to sink in and make someone want to come back and volunteer more. 

Volunteering is beneficial for everyone involved. At COMO Marketing, we take pride in offering our time and services to those who truly need it, and deserve it. Not only that, but we expect it from our employees and provide paid time off for them to be able to participate with the charity of their choice. Being a part of the community in such a meaningful way allows us to feel like we are truly making a difference.