We Know You. We Know Columbia.

We Know Content Marketing

COMO Marketing is the child of The COMO Companies, a company that has been living and writing all things Columbia for the last 25 years. We’re currently nestled in downtown Columbia, enduring Columbia’s humid summers and frigid snowpocalypses. Our affiliation with COMO magazine means we’ve made connections down each and every street.

Needless to say – we know this city.

Strategized Content Marketing

Perhaps the only thing we understand more is content marketing.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing, at its core, is the marketing technique of creating relevant, valuable content to a defined audience. Quality and consistency will drive your customers towards desired, profitable actions.

Believe it or not, there are different writing strategies based on what platform your words will live on. The COMO Marketing team boasts experience in every strategy and platform. Whether your company finds itself in need of a consistent blog page, eye catching whitepapers, or strategized email marketing, COMO Marketing’s team of content creators will exceed your expectations.

Content Marketing Strategy

To ensure the best overall product, we get to know every facet of our clients. The first step in our process includes a kickoff meeting, where we meet face-to-face and ask you the deep questions. What’s your elevator pitch? What sets you apart from your competitors (and vice versa)? Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses?

It’s very therapeutic; you’ll see.

As a company comprised of storytellers, we know that sometimes simply having a second pair of eyes is all it takes. An outside perspective from outside-the-box thinkers means your brand is suddenly refreshed.

After we nail down your voice, our team of writers constructs your content. The road to your business goals is not created by overloading your team with mountains of writing. That yellow brick road is created by leaving the writing to the professionals. Let us handcraft your content marketing strategy so you can free up your team to do what they do best.

The Importance of Content Writing in Digital Marketing

Authenticity is the backbone of successful content marketing.

The saying, “we’re in the same boat” has never been more applicable. When you contract with COMO Marketing’s content marketing services, your success truly is our success.

COMO Marketing will never turn you into something you’re not.

In fact, the process of handing over your content marketing is rather seamless. Because we place so much importance on clearly defining your voice, your customers are left none the wiser (unless they’re pointing out how awesome your new content is).

Every paragraph, sentence, and word are sent to you for approval prior to being sent out to the masses. Our approach is centered around collaboration, and that means our clients never feel like they’ve sacrificed their hands on the steering wheel. Our staff is more than happy to address any edits you suggest because at the end of the day we know your content represents YOU.
Still feeling a bit uneasy?

Browse our portfolio to see examples of some of our best work. Our writers have delved into every genre of business Columbia has to offer, from chiropractic care to motorcycles to title insurance. We think yours just might be the perfect fit.

Content Marketing isn’t Just for Business.

Nonprofit Local Content Marketing

As familiar as we are with the Mid-Missouri area, we know that what makes our communities great goes beyond merely the business sector. Mid-Missouri is full of charitable organizations that recognize the value of community and strive to give back.

Strategized content marketing helps them accomplish just that.
Nonprofit organizations utilize our content marketing services to create everything under the sun – annual reports, case statements for fundraising campaigns, brochures, and different publications for board members and key stakeholders.

At the end of the day, it takes money to make money. The return on your investment is important to us, doubly so for nonprofits. We understand that every dollar allocated towards your marketing budget was hard-earned. Our mutual commitment towards the community means we take the utmost care in making sure your investment is realized.

We understand that each client is different, and that is even more true for our nonprofit clients. It is absolutely vital for nonprofits to resonate with their audience. As a team full of storytellers, we know just how to tell your story in a way that reaches people.

COMO Marketing Does ALL the Things

Content Marketing for Small Business

Content marketing can feature such a broad variety of applications. Because our writers inherently grow more familiar with your brand and your voice, oftentimes clients choose to pair this service with other services COMO Marketing offers. A cohesive message that spans across email, blogs, and social media, for instance, works wonders in building traction among your audience.

Whether you’re looking at printing, social media management, custom publications, or graphic design services, you’re going to need content to fully flesh them out.

We strongly encourage you to browse our services page to see what might be the best fit for you.

Or, meet with us! There’s nothing we enjoy more than strategizing over a steaming cup of coffee.

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