Trust the Experts on Social Media Marketing

Social media has taken over the world. With the help of COMO Marketing, so can you.

Social media platforms have become go-to sources for news and information. Users are engaging in online conversations now more than ever before. Without a social media presence, your business will be left in the dark.

Social media marketing establishes your brand and meets your audience where they’re at. With proper utilization, social media marketing builds an engaged audience, hones in on a marketable voice, and drives more “lurkers” into conversions.

What’s more? Social platforms have yet to peak. Marketing through social media taps your business into a network of billions of potential customers. Already, nearly four out of every five Americans have a social media account. With our strategic social media approach, your potential growth is virtually endless.

Whether you’re tapping into the Millennial demographic on Twitter, increasing brand awareness through engaging Instagram stories, or putting together sharable Pinterest boards, our social media experts will help you accomplish your business goals.

Social Media Isn't Guesswork; It's Strategy

That's where COMO Marketing comes in.

COMO Marketing is dedicated to getting you the most bang for your buck.

We are storytellers at heart. Our team identifies your story and strategizes methods of communicating it to your niche audience. By utilizing social media marketing experts, your message is no longer launched haphazardly into the ether. Each and every one of our clients receives a tailor-made social strategy designed to get their brand in front of the users they value the most.

We attack your social profiles with a plan. Your social media marketing is strategically scheduled and put into place ahead of time. Don’t worry, you’ll always get final approval. With COMO Marketing, you free up your time without sacrificing your hand on the steering wheel.

Good social media strategy requires daily management. That means responding to comments, inviting new likes and follows, joining online conversations, and retweeting relevant content. An inactive page is worthless to you. Our team watches your accounts closely and engages with your audience continually.

But what truly sets COMO Marketing Apart?

Every new platform comes with its own set of metrics. Pulling those analytics can be especially tedious, not to mention you then need to interpret the data. COMO Marketing offers you staff that are thoroughly trained to handle the data and transpose it in a way that is easily digestible.

We set up monthly reporting meetings with each client where we discuss performance and progress. Face-to-face meetings help ensure all parties are on the same page and working towards the same goals.

We’re all on the same team. COMO Marketing wants your social media plan to succeed just as much as you do

Social Media Plays Well with Others

Social Media Is About Connection

When it comes to our other services, this is no exception. Social media campaigns pair well with services like content marketing. Strategically packaging these services together increases your brand awareness and overall traffic. At the end of the day, there’s no way around the fact that good content increases your online footprint.

We utilize your social channels to drive users to your website and wind up on that “Thank you for purchasing” page. Online follows and shares become blog readers, online reviews, and product purchases. These increased metrics, in turn, help your business in other ways. Suddenly, you’re showing higher in Google search results or receiving more phone calls.

Every service we offer is designed to work well in tandem.

Our staff included.

We work for our clients as if we have an office at their location. Many of our clients have direct access to their social media manager via cell phone. When we say working with COMO Marketing is a partnership, we mean it.

Creating a social media calendar that WORKS!