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We are a full service marketing company in Columbia, MO, dedicated to serving mid Missouri, our state, and beyond.

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We Love Telling Stories

We specifically love telling those of the businesses and business owners that have grown Columbia throughout the years. COMO Marketing happens to be one such business. We know that every business faces hardships and it can be difficult to find the solutions. COMO Marketing is here for YOU. We approach every client with individualized goals and services to meet their business’ needs.

We understand local small businesses because

We Are One.

We took components from each of the skill sets that make up our magazines, and COMO Marketing was born.

Our team is composed of writers and editors skilled in both business and lifestyle writing. Our photographers, full stack web developer, and in-house graphic designers have won national accolades with their work. Our account managers and media strategists create marketing strategies and campaigns from social media to full-scale events.

This is our story.

We are Columbia.

We are a marketing agency in Columbia, MO whose team is invested in our community because we live, work, and play here just as you do. We use our hard-won marketing strategy expertise to meet each client’s specific needs (even the ones they didn’t know they had).

We love our local businesses. We love making them successful.

We want to be a part of your team!

A custom comprehensive marketing strategy done for You

Full-Service Marketing Agency
This is Personal for You and for Us!
Our Team is Your Team
Tailored to Your Needs
TV at COMO Magazine launch event saying "What's next for como"

Once you’ve selected your services and we’ve talked strategy, our team gets to work. The best part about all that work? You get to see exactly how it’s operating! (If you’re a data nerd – this one’s for you.) Each month, we gather the data and report it to you during an in-person meeting. We walk you through the numbers, and let you know what they mean so you’re never in the dark.

Custom Strategies. Accountable Results.

We’ve spent years getting to know local businesses, so we know that each one is different. We don’t do cookie-cutter solutions because our clients aren’t cookie-cutter companies. Get to know our team, and find out how COMO Marketing can help grow your business today.

Our Story Lives On

Read the blog, it’ll be awesome, and it’ll probably make you younger, like a trip to the Fountain of Youth, but luckily your Fountain of Youth is a blog, and it’s accessible via the world wide web.

Creating blog content that has an impact.
Erica Pefferman

Crafting Content That Speaks for You 

The art of blog topic selection at COMO Marketing is a blend of creativity, strategy, and empathy. We craft blog topics that resonate with readers, drive engagement, and deliver tangible results for our clients.  

It has been my pleasure working with COMO Marketing! They take time to listen and visualize your needs. The process of creating my website went very smoothly from beginning to end. You know what to expect each step of the way. There are in-person check-ins along the way to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to design, which was very helpful because not only am I a talker, but I am a visual person. COMO Marketing made sure to incorporate my personal touch in their creation, really bringing my vision to life. They did an outstanding job! Charles, Sarah and JJ were and ARE an amazing team to work with! I use them for all my marketing needs.

Dr. Christine Woods

The strengths of COMO Marketing Group extend beyond individual contributions; the entire team brings a diverse set of skills and expertise to every project. Erica’s leadership has cultivated an environment where each team member excels in their respective roles, resulting in a well-coordinated and highly effective group. One aspect that sets Erica apart is her team’s commitment to effective communication. Throughout our projects, Erica maintained an open line of communication, ensuring that our ideas and feedback were seamlessly integrated into the creative process. Their professionalism, creativity, and commitment to client satisfaction make them an invaluable asset to any organization. Above all, Erica Pefferman consistently demonstrates a genuine concern for her clients’ interests. She approaches every project with a passion for delivering results that not only meet but exceed expectations. I am confident that Erica and her team will continue to excel in their endeavors, and I look forward to the opportunity for future collaborations.

Before we met the girls with COMO Marketing we had tried several different companies and several different strategies for marketing. It didn’t matter what our needs or budget was they went with what parameters we gave them; we are a seasonal business and I have noticed an increase in work this slow season. The thing I really like about them besides the obvious increase in business is that they are always there. I can call, text or email and I get a response. We have monthly meetings so they can show us what is working and what isn’t. The things that aren’t working get fixed or changed so that it drives more business our way. The collective knowledge of their team is amazing, we are extremely pleased with their work and I don’t foresee us going with any other company.

Tony Wayne

I have been working with Erica for many years when she was with radio and now using her for my social media and email campaigns. She does a fantastic job and has a great team behind her.

Elias Abadi

I have worked with Erica and her team for a number of years on a variety of projects from website to custom publishing. They always put out a quality product. I have been especially impressed with Erica’s ability to think creatively to help us control cost without sacrificing that quality. They have a deep bench with a lot of talented individuals. I also like that it’s a local company. I know I can text Erica anytime and get a quick response.

Benjamin Cornelius

Working with COMO Marketing was the best choice for taking our company to the next level, their website and social media team are extremely creative and passionate. The first thing I noticed was how engaged and interested they were in learning about Monarch Title and what our goals were in meeting customer needs. The dollars invested immediately showed a return on our investment. We saw more traffic to our website, we were getting great reviews from our customers, and we were receiving multiple online orders for title work and closings. We have become a loyal customer of COMO Marketing and highly recommend their services. They are driven to produce results for their clients. We would meet monthly with her staff and they always produced reports providing valuable data and suggestions to us on how to reach goals to increase market share. With her marketing skills she assisted us in increasing our market share by upwards of 30% over a three year period.

Chuck Bowman, Former Monarch Title Company President

In verbalizing our goals, COMO Marketing was able to design a custom piece that not only told our story but elevated our credibility to key donors.

Andrew Grabau, Executive Director

I have had the pleasure of working with Erica and COMO Companies since the start of 2021 and I can’t possibly put into words the amount of support, leadership, and direction, that not only Erica, but her staff has given me over the past two and a half years. I have had opportunities to work with just about everyone there, from Erica to her office manager, editor, sales manager, graphic designer, and more. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is the best at what they do. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them regularly and risking sounding like a broken record, the Alzheimer’s Association and the Columbia Walk to End Alzheimer’s would not be in the position they are today without Erica Pefferman and COMO Companies. Period.

Chris Cottle

ALZ. Association

Since taking that first meeting I had a tough decision to either stay with Zimmer or make the switch. Well I decided to make a the huge leap of faith to COMO Companies. This was in part due to the connection I had with Charles and the presentation that was given. However another huge part that made me follow my gut was the connection I felt with Erica that that first meeting. I just felt right at home and very welcome as if I was already part of the family. She made me feel extremely welcomed and comfortable and know that I will be very well taken care of.

Melodi Wisswell

Platinum Paws

I have worked with Erica and her team on a number of projects. We have placed a couple of custom adds in the magazines to celebrate team member anniversaries and celebrations. The largest project I worked with Erica on was the planning and execution of the Jacobs Property Management 50th anniversary party last year. I went in with a budget and a VERY rough idea. Erica and her team were AMAZING with taking that and in a matter of 3-4 short months we had a fantastic party! The event even came in under budget! I would have never been able to do it on my own. COMO Companies makes my organizations look good. They are easy to work with, communicate well, and love what they do.

Amanda Jacobs

Jacobs Realty