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Remember when you were talking to your friend about those cool shoes you saw online, and then when you got on Facebook later that day, the first thing to pop up in your feed was an ad for those exact shoes? By now we’re all familiar with the idea that our devices are “listening” to us or keeping tabs on what we “like” or interact with. A little creepy, yes. However, when it comes to marketing, digital advertising will keep you relevant.

What do you mean by digital advertising?

Customized to Fit Your Business

Digital advertising consists of advertisements strategically placed online served through several marketing mediums — email, websites, social media, and search engines. Digital ads reach massive amounts of consumers every day. At COMO Marketing, we offer digital advertising services and help you pair them correctly with the best platforms for maximum results.

Digital advertising is completely customizable. Target your ads to fit interest, demographic, and location. Want more website leads? Calls in store? Brand awareness? We can help you determine the best call to action for your business and get the conversions to prove it. The best part? You determine your investment amount. Digital advertising is completely scalable to your business’s budget.

Successful Search Engine Marketing

You do not want to stop at the point where your customers simply lay eyes on your ads. SEM is a marketing term that goes by many aliases (paid search ads, paid search advertising, or pay per click), but whatever name is on the name tag, the job remains the same. With the power of COMO Marketing’s digital strategies, you will reach the right customers at the perfect time and in the perfect place.

Partnering with COMO Marketing means developing a marketing strategy through Google AdWords to get your customers to click on your website. We will optimize your SEM campaigns by examining factors like ad copy, ad extensions, website relevancy, call to actions, landing pages, and ad quality score to turn those clicks into actual bonafide customers. As your campaigns optimize, you will notice more web traffic and more qualified leads.

By utilizing services through COMO Marketing, you will

Increase your ranking on Google search results.

We examine your competitors’ performance and what it will take to outrank them. An optimized AdWords campaign means higher page placement and, in turn, higher click- through rates, or CTRs.

Refine your ads.

Present exactly what your customers are searching for right when they are searching for it. Dynamic search ads mean your message can be tailored to fit a variety of target audiences.

Be strategic in your targeting.

Identify and utilize valuable demographic data like the age and gender of who triggers your ads, top periods of user activity, location-based targeting, and more!

Gain valuable impressions repeatedly.

The inherent value of online ads over print is that users have the potential to be exposed to your content repeatedly. Build your brand awareness by keeping your company name at the top of their minds.

Increase exposure on your time-sensitive promotions.

Running a holiday special? Now your online users know too, especially when they are already searching for what you have to offer. More eyeballs on your products equal more sales revenue.

Proven Results

Advertising has undeniably gone through a metamorphosis. These days, more business is conducted online than ever. Savvy consumers are turning to their screens to find the best product or service. Now more than ever, businesses need a strategic online marketing plan.

You will never need to wonder if your digital advertisements are working. Data is 100% measurable, so you will see your return on investment in numbers in real time. COMO Marketing delivers your report monthly, in-person.

Learn how to be successful in digital marketing.

Discover valuable insights and expert tips from our past Lunch and Learn events! Dive into our past sessions where industry leaders share their knowledge and expertise on a variety of topics. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, practical advice, or the latest trends, COMO Marketing is your gateway to enhancing your marketing strategies and staying ahead in today’s dynamic landscape. Tune in and empower your marketing journey!

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