Marketing 101: Do you know social media?

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Social media plays a big role in spreading brand awareness and getting more eyes and attention on your business. But it isn’t as simple as just writing some words, adding a picture and creating a post.

Marketing 101: Do you know SEO?

Marketing 101: Do you know SEO?

Welcome to our new series, where we will test your marketing knowledge and see how well you know the lingo and key concepts. The first edition will test your SEO knowledge!

What is SEO and why do you need it?

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What is SEO? If you ever want to hide anything, keep it on the second page of a Google search result. Even though this is a joke, it isn’t far from the truth. When was the last time you clicked on the second page of a Google search result? You may have a great product, […]

Verify Your Business with Google Guaranteed

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Trust is the foundation of any relationship, especially when it comes to businesses and their clients. Any client expecting a service trusts that their choice is qualified to do so, but unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. So, what’s an easy way to earn that trust? Become a Google Guaranteed local business.  What is Google […]

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