Meet Keeley Duncan!

Keeley Duncan, Director of Account Management

Keeley is our new Director of Account Management. We are so excited to welcome her to our team!

Meet Jordan Watts!

Jordan Watts is a Graphic Designer for COMO Marketing.

We hope you enjoy getting to know her better and learning more about her creative process when designing work for our clients, and ourselves!

Meet Amanda Melton!

Amanda Melton is the Account Executive at COMO Marketing.

Amanda is our Account Executive. She keeps the account managers, and Charles, in line and on track. We hope you enjoy learning more about her!

Meet Charles Bruce III!

Charles Bruce III, Director of Sales

Charles has been with COMO Marketing for two years now, but you’d think it was much longer. He is our face around town, the salesman you WANT to talk to! We hope you enjoy getting know him more.

Meet Sarah Hempelmann!

Sarah Hempelmann is an Account Manager at COMO Marketing.

Meet our Account Manager Sarah Hempelmann. She handles the behind the scenes for our clients. We hope you have fun learning more about her!

Meet Kate Morrow!

Kate Morrow is a Graphic Designer at COMO Marketing.

Kate Morrow is a graphic designer at COMO Marketing. She loves finding new ways to be creative and design unique concepts that match the client’s brand! We hope you enjoy learning more about her.

Meet Becky Roberts!

Becky Roberts, COMO Marketing Account Manager

Becky Roberts has been an account manager with us since August 2022. We hope you enjoy her spunky and creative personality as much as we do!

Meet J.J. Carlson!

J.J. is our incredibly talented and knowledgeable Director of Web Development. Over the last six years, he’s grown his skill set and continued to learn more about this ever-changing industry. We hope you enjoy learning more about him!

Meet Erica Pefferman!

Erica Pefferman, CEO of COMO Marketing

As the CEO and Owner of COMO Marketing, Erica has been here since day one. We hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about our favorite boss lady!

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