Verify Your Business with Google Guaranteed

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Trust is the foundation of any relationship, especially when it comes to businesses and their clients. Any client expecting a service trusts that their choice is qualified to do so, but unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. So, what’s an easy way to earn that trust? Become a Google Guaranteed local business. 

What is Google Guarantee?

Google launched a new service in July 2020 to help users connect with qualified local businesses. Google Guaranteed businesses go through a thorough screening process to verify that their employees and services are legitimate and trustworthy. Once the screening process is complete, your business will receive a green badge of honor next to its name and appears at the top of a Google search above all of your competitors that are not Google Guaranteed. Once you’re certified, Google will guarantee your company’s work for up to $2,000. This means that if a customer is unsatisfied, they can file a claim with Google to make it right.  

How can Google Guarantee help my business? 

Being Google Guaranteed launches your business to a higher level of trust with your clients.  This screening is ideal for businesses in the home service industry such as plumbers, electricians, HVAC, and pest control, but it is growing to include industries such as law and real estate. To enroll, you must undergo a company background check, owner background check, and field technician background checks. Once this is complete, leads will come to you with confidence that your service is the best in the area.  

How can I get Google Guaranteed? 

Obtaining the Google Guarantee badge is a great first step to getting your name in front of potential customers. You can receive this badge through an upgraded subscription of your Google My Business listing for $50 a month or run it through a Local Services Ad. Verification through Google’s Local Services is an easy way to obtain the badge and track incoming phone calls — especially if you’re already running Google Ads.  

The Google Guarantee program is new and ever changing, but COMO Marketing is on top of it. If you want to take your business to the next level, contact our team to help you get started!