Social Media: How Much is TOO Much?

There are pros and cons of being on social media.

For many businesses, social media remains intimidating territory. There’s no denying the fact that your target audience is there, but the notion of accumulating content, adhering to your voice, promoting your brand, and controlling your online image can seem like too much to handle. 

At COMO Marketing, we operate under the golden rule: consistent content is king. 

Your audience must SEE your brand in order to interact with it, and that only comes from posting consistently.

However, on the flip side of the coin, posting too frequently can lead to your brand becoming more “white noise” than a fun page to interact with. The last thing you want your brand to become associated with is annoying newsfeed clutter. 

So, how much is too much?  As with most things with life, social media moderation is extremely important. 

In general, the answer depends on the size of your following. 

At COMO Marketing, we love to contribute to our local community, which means we manage primarily smaller businesses ranging from a few hundred followers to a few thousand. For pages of such sizes, we find that posting three to four times per week hits the sweet spot of providing steady content without annoying users to the point of them hitting the dreaded “hide all content from this page” button. 

Spacing your posts out for a day or two here and there is a great way to offer your audience some breathing room. If that seems a little light for your taste, increase your weekly post count incrementally. Just remember to keep it capped at one post per day! A study by Hubspot recently found that posting any more than that will lead to diminishing returns

Always consider your company’s overall goal when it comes to social media. Are you a relatively new entity? Perhaps brand awareness is the way to go, in which case, posting more frequently would serve you well.

Or maybe your end goal is to drive customers to your brick-and-mortar store? Pace yourself a bit and include sponsored incentives that give your page more evergreen exposure. These are great ways to prompt your online users to leave the comfort of their chairs. 

Whatever the case may be, just remember to remain consistent in churning out content. Then, when the engagement inevitably comes, interact with your audience! The whole draw of establishing an online community is the ability to forge personal connections with your customers in the first place. 

“Yeah, yeah, so what’s the TLDR?” 

When it comes to social media, your company’s needs will be different than your neighbors across the street. Take your overarching goals into consideration and conduct a little trial and error. Strategically increase your post frequency while monitoring your unfollows. Generally speaking, never post more than once per day. Soon enough, you’ll find your own sweet spot. 

Above all else, when your audience bites on your content, make sure you’re logged on and interacting with them!

While “everyone is different” might seem like a cop-out, that’s actually what we find so rewarding about social media management at COMO Marketing! Our agency invites every single client into our office to discuss a digital strategy specifically tailored to them. This level of familiarity reaps rewards across the board, especially on your company’s social platforms. 

If you have questions about social media management, or you’re interested in the benefits we can offer your company, contact us! We’d love to meet with you at your favorite coffee shop.