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About Joe Machens Dealerships

Machens is a one-stop shop and auto powerhouse servicing central Missouri since 1969. With nine full-service dealerships in Missouri offering new and pre-owned vehicles from 14 different automakers, an auto body shop, and numerous other services, how could anyone not know the Machens name?

Brand Development & Organization

Managing a house of brands requires fastidious attention to detail and organization. Over time, it became apparent Machens needed a branding organization overhaul. What does that mean? We gave them a brand director, someone who knows the brands inside and out (all the brands), knows if something is brand compliant at a glance, and can provide cohesion across the board. We cleaned up all of the logos and provided each dealership with a fresh brand guide and necessary logo assets. Gone is the confusion of, “Which logo is new? What colors are acceptable? What’s their font, again?”

Event Planning

Machens has numerous events of varying sizes throughout the year with two larger, very special events: the Machens Executive Weekend and the Fall Family Festival. Two larger events show support and pride in the Machens’s employee family: the Executive Weekend (hosting the executive staff for a weekend at Big Cedar Lodge in Branson, MO) and the Fall Family Festival (inviting all employees and their families for a fun-filled festival day). From save-the-dates to securing a ferris wheel, CMG takes care of everything.

Social Media, Email, & Website Graphics

We live in a digital age. Social media exposure importance is constantly growing and expanding. The automotive industry is fast-paced with sales, incentives, and deals coming and going left and right. We help Machens keep the updated word out there by creating fun, eye-catching, fresh graphics across their digital platforms.


Machens genuinely cares about the folks that work at their locations, so why not show the public all their friendly faces with new, consistently updated headshots.