Client: Bodenhamer Eye Consultants

About Bodenhamer Eye Consultants

Bodenhamer Eye Consultants is a family-owned eye care clinic focusing on comprehensive optometric eye care for the whole family. Offering so much more than just yearly eye exams, Bodenhamer believes eye care is a window to your overall health.

Branding + Positioning

We began working with Bodenhamer 41 years after they began their family practice in Jefferson City, MO. Throughout the decades, they’ve built a strong reputation in their community, providing eye care for generations of families. They came to us with an established client base, a growing practice, and a full spectrum of eye care services utilizing state-of-the-art technology. Bodenhamer Eye Consultants is an innovative, modern, and approachable family practice; they just needed a brand to reflect that.

Our vision for the Bodenhamer brand was to utilize the visual language of optometry without falling back on using an eye-con (lol, get it?!). Still, we needed something instantly recognizable, even to those who had never had an eye exam. The bold, clean, and familiar imagery of a classic eye exam chart served as our inspiration. Using the beautiful font Optician Sans as the starting point, we brought into focus a foundation to build a brand upon.

Bodenhamer Eye Consultants Transparent Business Cards

Social Media

The social media graphics we developed for Bodenhamer builds upon their mission to educate the public regarding the link between eyes and overall health. By providing Bodenhamer with easy to understand and approachable social graphics, we help them empower their clients to make proactive decisions regarding their eye health.

Custom Photography

While Bodenhamer offers a variety of services that focus on eye health, they also happen to have the largest selection of eyeglass frames in Jefferson City. We worked with our photographer to style a clean and modern photo session that showcases their large variety of highly customizable frames.

Web Design & Development

Utilizing CMG’s true power of full-service marketing, we happily married the website design with the branding and custom print pieces of Bodenhamer Eye Consultants. What results is a clean, beautiful design that’s easy to navigate and explore.

Bodenhamer Eye Consultants offers high-quality frames as well as many additional eye care services, so CMG made sure to highlight their multitude of services and products, while also creating calls to action throughout the content. What results is a beautiful, responsive website now and for years to come.