Marketing 101: Do you know digital advertising? 

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Welcome to the sixth edition of our series, where we will test your Digital Advertising knowledge!  I’m sure by now you’ve had a conversation about a specific product, and the next thing you know you’re seeing ads for it on Facebook.  

We can’t promise that your phone isn’t listening to you, but we do know why that ad might be targeting you now! 

Are you ready? Let’s begin! 

  1. What is digital advertising? 
    • Ads ONLY on your phone 
    • Advertisements in print publications 
    • Ads ONLY on the web 
    • Advertisements strategically placed online through a number of marketing mediums 
  1. True or False: Digital ads have the ability to reach massive amounts of consumers every day. 
    • True  
    • False 
  1. How much does it cost to run digital ads? 
    • 10 dollars 
    • 3,000 dollars 
    • It’s customizable; depends on who much YOU want to spend 
    • 100 dollars 
  1. How can you target your ads? 
    • By location 
    • By demographic 
    • By interest 
    • By gender 
    • All of the above 
  1. What is the benefit of using digital advertising? 
    • It guarantees more revenue.  
    • The ads will always pull people away from the competition 
    • Allows you to target exactly who you want based on online search history, geographical data, purchase history, and demographics 
    • It will only increase online sales 
  1. True or False: It is impossible to measure the results of digital ads.  
    • True 
    • False 

This was an easy one (maybe). Think you aced it? Let’s find out! 

** Answers: 1- D; 2- A; 3- C; 4- E; 5- ??; 6- B ** 

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