Build a Habit of Saying Yes

Saying yes is scary, but sometimes necessary.

Jim Carrey did a movie in 2008 called “Yes Man.” He had spent his whole life saying “no” to people. So naturally, the plot of the movie was centered around him having to say “yes” to everything, whether he wanted to or not while hilarity ensued. In real life, saying yes to everything willy nilly is a sure fire way to make big mistakes in business and bring stress into your organization trying to fulfill all of those promises. However, I have a philosophy that yes can be said in just about every situation based on terms and conditions. The same tactic can be applied to businesses. 

Saying yes to everything, or even just most things, can feel scary and overwhelming. Telling customers yes every chance you can is a good thing. However, terms and conditions come with everything. If a client asks, “Can you get these graphics for me today?” or “I’d like to launch this website in two weeks. Can we make that happen?” The answer can always be yes . . . as long as they are willing to meet the terms. Having guidelines in place is going to make saying that scary three-letter word less frightening and more empowering.   

For example, of course we’ll bring that website on in two weeks as long as the client has all content approved and ready to go and is also willing to pay an expediting fee in order for me to rearrange our schedule. I’m willing to tell that client yes to getting their graphics to them today as long as they are willing to agree to postpone the other projects due to them today. 

Another example is when a client decides they need logo’d promotional items shipped in for an event next week. You could reply with, “Yes, I can make those items get here by next week. You’ll just have to pay the additional fees for overnight shipping and rush charges.” If you’ll notice, you’ve said “yes” and agreed to it, but not without establishing your own reasonable terms under which you can make it happen. 

Sometimes you do have to say “no,” but saying “yes” just feels so much better. Try it. Say it out loud. Say it as much as you can. Just make sure your terms and conditions are set. Let me know if you’d like me to help brainstorm all of the ways in which you can say yes in your business.