Behind COMO Marketing’s Pricing Strategy

COMO Marketing's Pricing strategy is based on a variety of factors.

At COMO Marketing, we like to do things a little different. Typically, the agency model has structured their revenue streams to be based on billable hours to the client, which leaves things open-ended and vague. It’s therefore not unusual to get bills with higher than expected costs and surprise fees.

COMO Marketing believes their commitment to the client should be made on a pre-agreed fee structure. We use a guide for how much we charge for projects based on desired scope of the project, our internal expenses, anticipated number of hours, the resources we invest in, and the market value of our services.

However, once we reach an agreement with the client on the scope of a project and a timeline, we believe fully that it is up to our team to be efficient with our time and to deliver on our promises. The price will not change regardless of circumstance whether it’s for graphic design, a brand development project, a new website to be developed, social media management, or your ongoing SEO efforts.

Additionally, we are more than happy publishing our pricing. It is our goal to always live up to our two most valued traits of authenticity and accountability. Would you like to know what your project will cost ahead of time with no surprises? Perfect. We do, too. Would you like to be able to compare our prices with other providers during your research and investigation phase as you pick a provider? No problem. Here it is. What else do you need?

We want to make sure that you have all the information necessary to make the best choice when choosing your partner for marketing and communications. Your marketing firm is a very important partner. The group you select will be casting the vision of your company and will be a reflection of you as a person to the world. You need a partner that you can know what to expect from always.

If you’d like to discuss our pricing or potential projects that you have, we’re happy to meet with you. Let me know what you’d like to discuss … our pricing, your culture, or my recommended reading lists … and we’ll do that over coffee.